Real-Time GPU-Based Deconvolution Software

Microvolution Deconvolution Software delivers nearly instantaneous deconvolution—up to 200 times faster. Developed by Stanford scientists, it combines intelligent software programming with the power of an NVIDIA GPU (graphics processing unit) and takes no mathematical shortcuts—images are more accurately deconvolved when compared to other vendors.



Microvolution’s Real-Time GPU-Based Deconvolution Software

Microvolution’s instantaneous deconvolution software processes images from widefield, confocal and two-photon microscopes and operates as an ImageJ/FIJI plugin, so it is easy to use. The Blind Deconvolution Option is ideal for deep tissue imaging. The Multi-GPU Option deconvolves very large multi-color images with speed and ease.

Software Features

Microvolution is easy to use and improves results:

  • Work more effectively in dim light—greater success rates are realized with live-cell and time-lapse experiments. Photobleaching and phototoxicity are major factors in the failure of live-cell experiments. Turning down light intensity coupled with
  • Microvolution’s real-time deconvolution software enable one to gain the signal needed for successful live-cell image capture.
  • Colocalization, neurite measurements, FRET data and fluorescence intensities are more accurate when images are deconvolved with Microvolution.
  • Microvolution provides the de-blurring needed for imaging inside 3-D structures including deep tissues, organoids, embryoid bodies and tissue-engineered constructs.
  • Large images deconvolve easily and with speed.
  • Microvolution’s Blind Deconvolution Option is especially useful in imaging noisy applications such as deep tissue, organoids and tissue constructs.
  • Microvolution’s Multi-GPU Option (ImageJ) enables multiple NVIDIA GPU’s to be implemented in the deconvolution process which further accelerates the deconvolution process and enables one to process very large images with ease. For multi-color images, each channel is deconvolved on a separate GPU and then recompiled. The bottlenecks associated with very large image data sets are virtually eliminated by using Microvolution’s Multi-GPU option.

Available Options

Microvolution Deconvolution Software
  • Delivers almost instantaneous deconvolution
  • Easy to use ImageJ plugin
  • Unlike other vendors, deconvolves your images with accuracy
  • Enables both 2-D and 3-D Deconvolution
  • Works on computers that have NVIDIA GPU boards incorporated into the computer hardware.
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Blind Deconvolution Option
  • Algorithm modifies the PSF during the run to correct for extra aberrations
  • Ideal for deep tissue imaging and other noisy applications
  • Point spread functions are determined by computer for optimal imaging
Multi-GPU Option
  • Enables faster computation of very large images
  • Processes multiple channels or time points in parallel
  • Operates with 2 or more NVIDIA GPU cards.

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