Sutter Instrument Company Arc Lamp Light Sources

BioVision Technologies offers the following range of Sutter Instrument Company arc lamp illumination products for brightfield and fluorescence microscopy applications:

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Lambda XL

Extended Life Light Source

The Lambda XL is a broad spectrum, highly stable light source with a ±1% peak-to-peak fluctuation.

The connection to the microscope is made through a liquid light guide, which assures output uniformity in the field of view. Two light guide options are available, one optimized for the near UV-visible and the other for the visible-near IR regions.

The output at the end of the light guide is similar to that of our popular 300W Lambda LS xenon arc light source. The lamp module is expected to last in excess of 10,000 hours and maintain at least 50% of the original intensity.

The compact, stand-alone cabinet design contains the bulb, lamp housing, power supply and optics in a single enclosure. The design includes a filter wheel and SmartShutter® driver, making it a versatile choice for fluorescence imaging applications. The Sutter filter wheel with SmartShutter or the stand-alone SmartShutter can be accommodated within the body of the Lambda XL. Filters with an absorbing layer are likely to be damaged by the extraordinary power of the Lambda XL and are not recommended for use with this product.

The light intensity can be adjusted to different levels of attenuation. When the optional filter wheel is used, each filter position can be associated with its own programmable attenuation level, selected every time the filter is called — for which Sutter Instrument Company has applied for a patent.

Mounting adapters for Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leica microscopes are available.


  • 10,000‐hour expected lifetime, bulb covered by a prorated 2-year warranty
  • No high‐voltage pulse
  • Built‐in driver for filterwheel and SmartShutter®
  • Very stable output
  • Compact stand‐alone design
  • USB interface
Sutter Instrument Lambda XL light source
Sutter Instrument Lambda XL light source

Lambda LS

High Power LED Light Source with Liquid Light Guide

The Lambda LS is a stand-alone illuminator consisting of a xenon-arc lamp, lamp housing, cold mirror and power supply in a single enclosure. The Lambda LS is designed to be used with a liquid light guide which transmits remarkably flat, intense, illumination to the optical train of the user’s microscope or other instrumentation. The lamp’s cabinet accommodates a standard Sutter Instrument filter wheel that slides easily in and out of a slot in the light path. If desired, a second filterwheel can be mounted on the outside of the cabinet. When used with appropriate adapters, the light guide output is compatible with most common microscope systems.

Unlike the arc lamps used with most fluorescence microscopes, the 175W xenon bulb is pre-aligned using a parabolic mirror and does not require alignment, focusing or collimation. In the standard configuration, the Lambda LS bulb is capable of producing light output from 330nm to a cutoff of 650nm determined by the cold mirror. An optional enhanced UV bulb produces output much lower into the UV (cut off near 200nm). As with any UV generating light source, the optional bulb generates significant quantities of ozone and must be used in an adequately ventilated environment.

The Lambda LS utilizes a compact design, which places power supply, lamp house, arc lamp and cold mirror in a single enclosure. This system eliminates a common failure associated with standard arc lamp designs; when using a remote power supply aging may lead to a decreased ability to light the lamp due to loss of the insulating characteristics of the lengthy high-tension line. As with all our equipment, the power supply has been designed to minimize electrical noise that can be picked up by physiological recording equipment.

The liquid light guide can be coupled to the illumination port of most microscopes using an adapter which can be purchased separately. Extended output ranges are possible with various cold mirror and light guide combinations.


  • Xenon lamps provide light levels which exceed those of standard microscope fluorescence lamps
  • Equipped with a cold mirror to eliminate IR heating of down stream optical components
  • Compact stand-alone lamp housing/power supply enclosure
  • Pre-aligned bulb eliminates common focusing problems
  • Integrated hour meter for convenient monitoring of lamp life
  • Modular construction allows use of optional liquid light guide for flexible direction of light output
  • Easily accommodates Sutter Instrument filter wheels or SmartShutter® within the body of the lamp
  • Optional adapter allows coupling via liquid light guide to many standard microscopes - Nikon Insturments, Carl Zeiss, Leica Microsystems and Olympus
Sutter Instrument Lambda LS
Sutter Instrument Lambda LS Arc Lamp and Power Supply

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