Spectral Applied Research Laser Light Sources

BioVision Technologies offers the following laser-based microscope illumination products from Spectral Applied Research:

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The ILE is a laser merge module that is designed as a fully integrated instrument with only a line cord required to provide line power and a USB or serial cable to provide command and control communications. The ILE contains control electronics and up to 4 individual solid-state lasers, and the power supply for the ILE and lasers. Two ILEs can be operated together in a Master/Slave arrangement, with their outputs interconnected via a fiber, connecting seven lasers to the output of the Master ILE.

Intensity control is provided by analog control of the individual lasers.

“FLICR” pulse width modulation of output is provided for lasers that support this mode of operation; this supports lower power levels and finer control than is possible by direct modulation alone. This provides significant benefit to TIRF and localization microscopy using photoactivation.

A USB 2.0 interface and a RS-232 serial interface are provided for communication with the ILE and control of each laser channel. A Master Shutter is also included to block any output when required.

The ILE can be ordered with two or three outputs, with the active one selectable via software.

The ILE can also be ordered with a shutter/neutral density filter assembly.

The ILE is a robust, rigid aluminum structure with the individual lasers mounted internally. Internal temperature stabilization ensures that a reasonable variation in ambient temperature will not affect the system performance.

In addition to the USB 2.0 and RS-232 serial connectors, the ILE provides further connectors for flexible communications and control:

  • Two BNC connectors provide a programmable input and output useful for camera synchronization.
  • A remote interlock connector must be shorted by a plug or an external signal in order to maintain power to the lasers.
  • An auxiliary communications port provides speed control to confocal spinning disk systems or control of a Slave ILE.
  • A TTL/Analog control interface allows shutter and laser control via direction connection to custom hardware.
Spectral Applied Research ILE, front view

Spectral Applied Research ILE, front view

Spectral Applied Research ILE, rear view

Spectral Applied Research ILE, front view

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