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BioVision Technologies offers the following microscope illumination products from ScopeLED:

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B-Series Brightfield Microscope Illuminators

ScopeLED’s B-Series microscopy illuminators replace conventional halogen light sources used for a variety of transmitted and reflected light applications, such as bright-field, dark-field, phase contrast, polarized light and DIC.

The heart of the B‐Series illuminators is DiCon’s high performance Dense Matrix LED™ Array. Using advanced thermal design, it offers vibration‐free fan‐less cooling with a high intensity optically stable light output.

Standard models come with the buyer’s choice of two LED arrays: a fixed-phosphor white 5600‐degrees‐Kelvin array, and an RGB array. The RGB model allows any quantitative black and white camera to function as a high speed monochrome or color imaging system by utilizing separate controls for Red, Green and Blue light. Adjusting the intensity of each color with respective analog voltage and switching between each color with respective TTL triggers eliminates the need for a color camera.

The non‐phosphor RGB version is inert to laser excitation allowing it to be used as a self shuttering light source within any confocal or widefield fluorescence microscopy system.

This high‐powered LED is easily able to illuminate multi‐headed microscope configurations of over 10 viewing stations using objectives from 1X all the way up to and including 100X oil immersion. With over 30,000 hours of LED lifetime and low power consumption, the ScopeLED B‐Series illuminators are the smart, reliable and economic alternative to halogen bright‐field illuminators.


  • Individual Channel Control for Sequential R,G,B Imaging in Merged Color Acquisition applications
  • Non‐phosphor RGB LED Array that is safe for use with laser based fluorescence microscopes
  • USB, 0–6V analog and TTL connections for remote control and automation
  • High‐Efficiency Dense Matrix LED™ Array Light Engine
  • Small Form Factor, Fan‐less Cooling, Vibration‐Free
  • No Hazardous Material in the Laboratory
  • Ergonomic Manual Control Interface
  • Optical Foot Switch for Shuttering
  • 30,000 Hours of LED Lifetime
  • Highly Stable Light Intensities
  • No UV or IR Radiation
ScopeLED B-180 RGB light engine
ScopeLED B-180 RGB light engine
ScopeLED B-180 RGB manual controller
ScopeLED B-180 RGB manual controller

F-Series Fluorescence Microscope Illuminators

ScopeLED’s F-Series LED based Fluorescence Microscope Illuminators are designed to replace conventional metal halide and mercury arc lamp sources for fluorescence microscopy applications.

The F‐Series design offers the most compact illumination source in the industry, directly coupled to the microscope’s epi‐fluorescence illumination port. ScopeLED offers wavelengths from 390nm to 740nm in single‐, dual‐, or quadruple‐wavelength models.

The heart of a F-Series illuminator is ScopeLED’s high‐performance LED light engine with an advanced thermal design, yielding very high intensity and optically stable light output.

With over 30,000 hours of LED lifetime and low power consumption, ScopeLED is the bright, affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for wide-field fluorescence applications.


  • High‐efficiency Dense Matrix LED™ Array light source
  • Brilliant fluorescence images
  • Easy ergonomic controls
  • Instant On/Off (no warm‐up time)
  • Manual, TTL, and Software control
  • Variable intensity
  • 30,000 hours of LED Life
  • Direct coupling to microscope
  • Optional foot switch for shuttering
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Collector lens with adjustable focus
  • Custom wavelengths available
  • Adds no hazardous material to the Laboratory
  • No fiber guide replacement
  • No bulb replacement
  • No maintenance
  • No alignment
ScopeLED F140 light engine
ScopeLED F140 light engine
ScopeLED F140 light engine
ScopeLED F140 manual controller

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