Cairn Research LED Light Sources

BioVision Technologies offers the following LED microscope illumination products from Cairn Research, Ltd.:

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The MonoLED is a compact affordable single-channel illuminator which “just works” for transmitted light and fluorescence illumination that require simple software control. It accomplishes this without compromising performance: it supports powerful (3A) devices (for epi-fluorescence illumination) and a full range of couplings and control options. The MonoLED is supplied complete with a condenser and mount for your chosen microscope.


  • Brightfield, phase contrast and DIC
  • Single‐wavelength fluorescence
  • Halogen replacement if a shutter is required

Key Benefits:

  • Digital, analog and USB / RS–232 serial legacy support
  • Incorporates filter to avoid phosphor artifacts
  • Powerful 3A emitter (epi-fluorescence only)
  • Compact, affordable, turn-key illuminator
  • Wide range of adapters for research and clinical microscopes
Cairn Research MonoLED illuminator

Cairn Research MonoLED illuminator

Datasheet in PDF format


Ultrafast LED light source for UV uncaging, ideal for photoactivation/photoconversion and optogenetics applications

The Cairn Optoflash is optimised for short-term intense illumination. This makes it particularly suitable for the photoactivation of “caged” neurotransmitter or other compounds, and for the important emerging application of channel rhodopsin activation.

The maximum current through an LED is generally limited by thermal considerations. Efficient heat removal from the device is only a partial solution, as the thermal resistance between the LED chip and its packaging always constitutes a significant bottleneck. Even so, the chip temperature rise on application of current still takes some milliseconds, so for illumination periods on this timescale, currents substantially higher than the steady-state maximum can safely be passed.

All Cairn Research LED heads contain protection networks to limit both the transient and steady-state current to safe levels for that particular device. The LED heads of the OptoFlash come with protection networks optimised for short-term illumination periods, so as to maximise the intensity during a flash.

The Cairn Research OptoFlash

Cairn Research OptoFlash

Brochure in PDF format


Simplicity, with a wide range of control options to operate manually or with any software

The MultiStream is a user‐friendly device which allows the Cairn Research LaserBank or any other solid-state light source to be synchronised with a digital camera for multichannel streaming. Up to four wavelengths can be sequenced for KHz acquisition using either front panel or software control.

Cairn Research MultiStream front panel

Cairn Research MultiStream front panel

Brochure in PDF format


  • Ratiometric calcium and voltage imaging
  • Fast, multi-indicator, timelapse imaging
  • Fast, combined fluorescence and phase contrast imaging
  • TIRF and Spinning Disk Confocal imaging
Cairn Research MultiStream rear panel

Cairn Research MultiStream rear panel

Key Benefits

  • Combines software and hardware timing to flexibly match illumination to camera exposure and reduce photo damage
  • Standalone front panel control, works with any software
  • LED indicators allow researcher to keep track of experiment
  • Streaming protocols can be changed on-the-fly in response to experimental needs
  • Supports virtual global shutter modes on scientific CMOS cameras

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