Legacy Systems

Keep Your Critical Hardware

Well maintained microscopes and optics outlast electronic trends. BioVision takes pride in helping labs maintain their existing imaging systems. Hang on to your old equipment and give it new life with system updates. Contact us for more information.

Software Upgrades

  • Convert IPLab to iVision
  • Migrate from 32-bit to 64-bit
  • Switch to MetaMorph from obsolete software

Light Source Modernization

  • Go green! Replace mercury lamps with LEDs
  • Get rid of gas lasers and AOTFs
  • Revitalize spinning disk confocals with Borealis


  • Add external focus controls
  • Integrate Z drift correction
  • Expand filter wheels for better emission discriminaton

Camera Replacement

  • Replace aging CCDs with sCMOS
  • Get larger EMCCDs to increase field of view
  • Add multi-camera optics for simultaneous imaging

Have an old, underused system? Let us get it back into service!